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GNOUU is a local cluster of UU churches who are revitalizing their faith while rebuilding their city.

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Thursday, 11 June 2015 21:46
 In our tradition, membership requires one simple commitment – a commitment to the covenant to walk together in love.  We need not always agree with one another, but we are dedicated to our commitment and have developed a Covenant of Right Relations.  To formalize membership in this church all that is required is to sign our membership book.  We hold no creed—nothing need be recited.  Membership in this church can sometimes be challenging because you join a community searching for truth when truth can be elusive. Membership in Community Church means you are part of a congregation struggling for justice, knowing that the struggle can be long.  Membership means that you have joined with a people who strive to live in loving relationship with each other.  

With membership come an expectation of contributions of time, talent and treasure. Time cements your connections with the people and the institution. Contributions of talent provide an opportunity for you to grow your gifts, as well as provide for the church’s needs. Finally, regular financial contributions ensure that the church will survive and thrive, able to pay staff and utilities, and grow programs.
Joining a church is but a beginning.  Each time someone joins, we become a new and more diverse congregation. Please know that churches aren’t perfect. A time may come when the church disappoints you. A time may come when through action or inaction you fail the church. Please know that the covenant between us offers the hope of healing as long as we stay in relation with each other. The power of covenant does not mean it doesn’t matter what happened—it does assert, though, that what is important is what happens next.

As you consider membership with Community Church Unitarian Universalist, we invite you to:

1.   Attend Sunday worship and coffee hour, get to know others, see if you feel at home.

2.   Complete the Visitor Information Card and sign-up for email updates and monthly newsletter at

3.    Complete a Time & Talent Survey and make a commitment of your time, talent, and treasure to the congregation. NEEDS CORRECTION

4.  Attend one of our exploring CCUU and Unitarian Universalist sessions. Get involved in educational or service opportunities that interest you.

5.    Meet with our minister, and when you are ready, you can sign the membership book.

You are welcome to contact Reverend Jim VanderWeele (at or (504) 913-5672) with any questions.

Members of Community Church Unitarian Universalist receive:

·      A religious home for yourself and your family offering life-span religious education

·      A path toward deepening matters of your soul through our Chalice Circles

·     Ministerial services for weddings, child dedications, and memorial services at no cost

·      Full voting rights regarding the annual budget and other important church issues

·   All congregational publications: Community Matters (the CCUU Newsletter), church directory; as well as the Unitarian Universalist Association’s magazine, the UUWorld.

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