Our Renewable Nation Print
Tuesday, 26 May 2009 22:23

Our eleventh session of Ethical Living in NOLA featured a visit by Colin and Carrick McCullough on the 14th of May. Colin and Carrick are a father and son from a central Massachusetts family who are travelling cross-country to work on an eco-video project for kids about renewable energy and sustainable living.

The McCulloughs (all four of them) are crossing the U.S. in a vegetable-oil powered Beetle, stopping in at UU congregations to show the videos they have already produced and also to learn (and videotape) the steps being taken at a host of local renewable energy and sustainable living projects. (They visited the BuildSmart Learning Center designed by the Alliance for Affordable Energy while in New Orleans.)

Together, Colin and Carrick shared several of the eco-friendly videos they have already produced, videos that are powerful for young people because Carrick is the featured performer in each program.  As they say, “Kids need to see what a sustainable future can look like, and they need to hear it from someone their own age!” 

They also shared that they plan to visit projects that are earth friendly around our country and produce a free video for schools. Their hope is to remind young people of the importance of being friendly to our earth as well as to encourage them to formulate and design their own eco-friendly projects, systems, or pieces of equipment.

We thoroughly enjoyed their visit and wish them the best as they are powering their vegetable-oil powered Beetle across the country.

You can learn more about their exciting tour at www.OurRenewableNation.org.

Jim VanderWeele