Tuesday, 21 August 2012 19:42

“I Was Always a Humanist” The Reverend Jerry DeWitt’s questioning has always been guided by his humanist vision. Sadly, his appreciation for humanity, in its fullest context, fell on unkind ears in his Pentacostal Church. From the view of rural Louisianans he “lost his faith,” or, he slid away from “The Gospel.” From his perspective, he gained a life. He stopped believing in hell; began to believe in the beauty of living; and awoke to a glorious spice in this human life and a desire to appreciate it to its fullest, and to tell others to also appreciate their lives to their fullest.

We welcome the Reverend Jerry DeWitt, atheist pastor, to Community Church’s pulpit on Sunday, September 16, at 11am.

Rev. Jerry DeWitt