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Friday, 20 August 2010 12:49

Community Church, Unitarian Universalist

New Orleans


The Community Church Unitarian Universalist Congregation provides a limited number of community organizations ongoing use of the building; other organizations and individuals may arrange to use our facilities on a one-time only or short-term basis.  The Congregation’s top priority is to its own program and membership needs.  If additional space is available, then priority is given firstly to nonprofit groups that are supported by the Congregation as evidenced by sponsorship of the Community Outreach ministry, secondly to other nonprofits, and thirdly to for-profit organizations so long as the organization and the activity do not contravene the purpose of CCUU.

Building use activities fall under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees.  No commitment for building use is final until the Building Use Agreement has been completed and executed by the President, Vice President, or Minister.  When a scheduling conflict arises, it will be resolved by the scheduling official.  Generally, members take first precedence, long-term renters second, and one-time renters third.

Approval of the use of the grounds and facilities does not constitute or imply CCUU’s endorsement of a group, its mission, or its positions.  Groups approved to use the facilities must not advertise the event in such a way as to imply endorsement by the Congregation.  No activities or advocacy may take place within our buildings or grounds that conflict with the Bylaws and the practices of this congregation or of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Steps to Facility Use Scheduling:

  1. Fill out a Building Use Agreement.
  2. Attach any additional information you feel might be useful in helping us determine if we can accommodate your group.
  3. Submit to the Office Administrator, Board Member or Minister who will evaluate your request.

Fees for Facility Usage

The following fees do not include use of the piano or sound system. 
Special arrangements must be made for use of the piano or the sound system.

Meeting      Either Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall    Both Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall
Morning     (9-12)      $ 75                                                          $ 125
Afternoon  (1-4)           75                                                             125
Evening    (7-10)        100                                                             150

Wedding        Sanctuary only                                 Both Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall
                           $ 500                                                                $ 750

Setup and Cleanup arrangements and fees

It is assumed that renters will be responsible for all their own set up and clean up, and that these activities will occur during the specified rental period slot and that the facilities will be left in the condition in which they were found.  Cleanup required after a group departs will be billed to that group at a rate of $35/hour and will likely result in cancellation or denial of future usage agreement with that organization.

Setup prior to an event will be accommodated, depending upon availability at the discretion of the Board of Trustees and/or Minister and will incur an impact fee of $25.  Such setup cannot interfere with other scheduled usage of the building, and in no event will take place more than 24 hours prior to the event.  Community Church UU is not responsible for loss or damage to any if the renter’s material or equipment.


·       Please complete and return to the Office Administrator, Minister or Board Member.
Members of the Congregation are not charged rental fees for personal use of the church facilities for life passage events (weddings, memorials etc.).  Members hosting events for non-congregational groups will be charged the general room use fee and impact fees (where applicable).
Groups approved by the Community Outreach Ministry may have rental fees reduced or waived at the recommendation of the committee and with the approval of the Board of Trustees. Impact fees will still apply where applicable.


Building Use Application and Agreement Form